Why do I have to answer all the questions?

Grapefruit and Eye

I was tired of answering my friends ‘ questions all night, and I was drawn to myself. He found it in the morning. I went to bed in a state where everyone answered their questions but couldn’t answer my own questions. I’m stuck somewhere between truth and lies. Everyone found a way to deal with me and managed to. Then I reached into my bed, moving into the mystery of sleep. When we were moving towards the center of the system, there was this dialogue between grapefruit and the eye.

Me: “Are we there yet?”
Grapefruit: “I don’t understand Why you’re in such a hurry.”
Me: “I wonder the truth.”
Grapefruit: “instead of worrying about the facts, think a little more.”
Me: “why do I have to answer all the people’s questions?”
Graphefruit: “You have to, because this system only wants us to be what they want us to be.”
Me: “what a system, this friend. He wants everything.”
Grapefruit: “this system is so awful; it’s like a child. He thinks he can make everyone his own slave.”
Me: “don’t ask, friend. I’m so sick of being able to adapt to this system.”
Grapefruit: “I just woke up and tried to drink a little and fall back here. But the irresponsible people of the system don’t leave me alone; two people have plagued me.”
Me: “Wait a minute, Are you spying on me?!”
Grapefruit: “We are not watching you. We’re just trying to warn you. Every time you wake up, people like you have to be in this system, you get distracted and busy with something else. And you believe them every time.”
Me: “You’re Right.”
Grapefruit: “They they’re lying to you. Because it’s true. They’re jealous of you. Because you are in a world that is not unique. You’re just getting tired of the facts and you’re holding on to lies. But it’s a way between lies and facts that you don’t see. You now you’re here.”
Me: “How do I know that people in this world are not tricking me?”
Eye: “Let me answer that question. We sent you to this world. You’ve been sleeping a long time. You woke up in their World. We’re not here to lie to you, we’re here to show you where you’re wrong; we’re here to show you how this system plays with us. Our job is not to lie to you or show you the truth. And they would be only one show.”
Me: “I can’t wait to see the results.”
Greyfurt: “for instance, even your friend at Skype didn’t believe you when you told that story, didn’t he?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Greyfurt: “they were as cynical as even mocking you.”
Me: “Yeah.”
Grapefruit: “Those two who talk to you on Skype or hangout are part of the system.”
Me: “Thank you for telling me and reminding me.”
Greyfurt: “Now we expect you to wake up and get out of that coma. Let’s wake up and get out of the coma. Or you’il hurt your physical body. The physical body and soul must be solid to us. Or we can’t stop this system.”
Eye: “Grapefruit is right, come on, wake up.”
Me: “How will this be?”
Grapefruit and the eye: “Oh, like that!”

They both drive the car off the cliff at the same time, and I wake up at the same time. I couldn’t sleep that night if I wanted to sleep again. But I sat down and shared it with you before it broke everything on my computer. Because that’s what I was told before I left. I wrote everything. I decided to stay away from everyone until someone believed it. Because this story is worth more than people’s bullshit. It’s an abstract and Aramaic story.