Where Am I?

Part I

I was dying of insomnia on a day when I was very sick. I decided to go to bed because I died of insomnia. When I was asleep, I realized it wasn’t a dream. I was walking somewhere in a dream. I started walking and the apartments were rising across the street. An old aunt, next to an apartment, invited me to her house. But She said, “come soon.” I waited 10 minutes and burned a cigarete and started to wait. When I ran out of cigarettes, I went inside. I’ll tell you a story. When I was telling that tale, I was past and asleep. In my dream, suddenly lights out in a black room. I saw a door. Before entering the door, there was a triangle opposite the door and a figure with an eye mark in it. Under it said, “turn the figure 180 degrees to learn the truth!”.

At that moment, I succumbed to my curiosity and touched the figure, and the figure spontaneously moved 180 degrees and the door started to move. I realized at that moment that this is the second dream, and when I walked in through the door, I entered the room with the opposite Three Faces and the eye in it. As soon as I entered the room, a white light appeared in the sphere lying on the parchment in front of me, moving 180 degrees at the same time. I realized at that moment that I had pressed a scroll that said, “Please think before you press.” It’s like I was in a world like my decisions in life. In real life, I’ve never thought of anything like that.

When the light came out, I decided to walk in automatically. My second life inside was waiting for me. When I walked in, I woke up at the house where I was sleeping. Before auntie went, “that was for you!” quoth. On the way out, aunt asked me if I was going to have a drink, and she said, “take those dirt!” quoth. I thanked auntie and left as I hugged my dirty laundry. A car came to pick me up. I had friends in the car. They said they came to get me out of the system. I jumped like I threw my laundry in the back. My friend said We’d get out of the system. After going for a while, he cried to me and said, “open the door, my son!”. At that moment, suddenly woke up with a start. I opened the door. I took the cargo and went over to my computer and started writing this wisdom.