Why me?


One day I was sitting in my chair. It was very late at night. I was trying to sleep, and I couldn’t do it under the influence of coffee. I decided to sleep on my computer for a long time. I forgot that close to sleeping was the early morning. I just got an SMS. In the message, “What fires did you see?” it was written. I didn’t make sense at first and I fell asleep. The story continued. We were driving, it was a time of night.

Friend: “We are almost out of this system!”
Me: “Where Are we going at this rate?”
Friend: “To the center of the system!”
Me: “What’s your name?”
Friend: “You call me grapefruit”
Me: “Will it be over when the system is destroyed?”
Grapefruit: “the system will not run out, but we will tell them that we are here.”
Me: “Why are we doing all this?”
Grapefruit: “This system has come out of its way, and you have taken you for many years and made you a slave to yourself and become a fish.”
Me: “Why?”
Grapefruit: “You are the one who is afraid of the system, if you do not want to destroy or you can leave.”
Me: “What was it that I just lived in the house I went out with?”
Grapefruit: “That wise aunt Gramaphon has shown you the truth; now you know the door.”
Me: “What kind of door is this?”
Grapefruit: “The triangle that he showed you and a door with eyes in it, the Triangle is going wrong now; if you fix it, the system will come to an end and it will all be over.”
Me: “What then…”
Grapefruit: “None of us know what is going to happen in the future,”
Me: “if we don’t know the future, how can we know the future?”
Grapefruit: “The future is only a term, a word; you just do what you’re told to do, and you invent your own future using the system.”
Me: “That makes sense, but what if I’m not curious?”
Grapefruit: “If you don’t worry, why are you here?” quoth.
Me: “I Don’t Know…”
Grapefruit: “We have cast a sphere to show you the truth, and you have accepted it.”
Me: “It was a mistake.”
Grapefruit: “One can make mistakes by thinking, and the human body reluctantly approves something that is done without thinking.”
Me: “You’re right”
Grapefruit: “I am not right; you have asked for this; now you will come with us and you will know the truth.”
Friend 2: “Sorry, We’re running out of grapefruit. We need to leave, meanwhile, My Name is eye.”
Grapefruit: “Let’s go, jump.”

Hill Trees

We hit the road. Meanwhile, the eye and grapefruit are friends. The eye looked like a woman with a pair of glasses and a little dark skin. Grapefruit; 1 meter 86 cm tall, light orange skinned, black hair and was female. I wasn’t sure what the eye looked like, because it sounded a little thick. The other one was female and the sound was subtle. Along the way, the two of them were looking at the devices in front of them, disrupting all the devices in the system that crossed the road. At the end of the day, when all the devices were broken, this city was out of power. We were moving in this dark city. The people who were afraid of the darkness were afraid to go out into the street. So the streets were empty. Suddenly something happened and the door knocked. He said Don’t look, Grapefruit. At that moment, I woke up from my bed at great speed. After opening the door and arguing with the people who came in, I went to my computer and wrote this story.